Be it colour print-outs ideal for you to make a figurine of yourself and loved ones, or Polyamide (PA) products that could be used as corporate gifts or even as functional prototypes, we provide the best in ASEAN. Don’t forget other more exotic materials like Ceramics and Alumide too.

Check out the design specifications for different materials. Here, we offer Polyamide, Ceramics, Multicolour and Alumide.


Polyamide models are constructed from fine, white powder that turns out strong and slightly flexible. The surface is slightly porous, with a sandy, granular look. They can be bent slightly and can absorb small knocks.

Typical use
Polyamide can be used for complex concept models, lamps, and functional objects. It allows great freedom of design and is suitable all 3D printing techniques.


Ceramic models are constructed from alumina silica ceramic powder and sealed with porcelain and silica. A lead-free, non-toxic gloss is applied after printing as a glaze. Currently the only food-safe 3D printing material available, the material is heat resistant up to 600°C, recyclable, and makes this the perfect material for home decor and tableware, especially those for containing food and beverages.

Typical use
Ceramics can be used for tableware such as bowls and plates, cups and coasters, candle holders, tiles, vases, decorative and art pieces.


Fine granular powder is used to produce multicolour models with a sandy, granular surface. This is a material that offers full colour models at a good price. This material can be used exclusively for demo models.

Typical use
The Multicolour technique allows freedom of design and can be used for non-functional models with more than one colour. Such models can be decorative, to be put on desks or shelves, such as figurines, awards and architectural scale models.


A fine, granular powder, Alumide is a blend of grey aluminum powder and polyamide that is strong, somewhat rigid, can take small lnocks and resist some pressure when bent. The surface is slightly porous, and has a sandy, granular look.

Typical Use
Alumide is suitable for models that need more stiffness than polyamide models or require an aluminum look. It can be used for concept models, complex models, small series of models and functional models.

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